Grant Administration

What Happens After an Award?

Within a few days of the board decision, you will receive email notification on the status of your application: funded, not funded, or provisionally funded.  For those provisionally funded applications, NCLWF will award funds as they become available through June 30.  A list of the provisionally funded applications with their ranking is available on the Funded Projects page.

If your application was funded, the Program Manager will prepare and forward to you a draft grant contract based on your application materials.  Your task is to review the draft grant contract and work with NCLWF staff to finalize the contract.  Once all parties agree with the content, you will receive notification that the final version has been uploaded to the online grants managed system called Enterprise Business Services (EBS).  Upon receipt, the NCLWF Board Chairman and the NCLWF Executive Director will sign the contract.  A copy of the executed contract will be uploaded to the agreement file for the project in the EBS system. 

NOTE: If your organization requires an original signed contract, return two (2) copies of the contract and an executed contract will be mailed back to your organization.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for ensuring that all deliverables outlined in your contract scope of work are satisfactorily completed on schedule, reports are submitted to NCLWF on a quarterly basis, and submitting claims for reimbursement. For more specific program information, click on the corresponding program link.

Promoting Projects

NCLWF expects you to promote your projects through your website, press releases and other forms of media and wants recognition of your NCLWF award to be part of your information. It is important that citizens and government leaders know how much communities benefit from your work and partnership with the NCLWF. Please follow the guidelines provided in the links on this page. You may contact NCLWF for more information or for a quote.

Press Release Guidance

If NCLWF’s approval of a project allows public access to and/or public education activities at the project site, NCLWF will provide signs to be posted at the public areas such as trail heads, parking areas, kiosks, and boat ramps. You may provide the signs as long as the signs acknowledge NCLWF as a funding partner and are approved by NCLWF. Art work for signs can be found through the links on this page. Your field representative can help determine the number and locations of signs appropriate for your project site.

NCLWF Logo Artwork Files

NonProfit Organizations - Pre-Disbursement Documents

NCLWF maintains a central file of contract documentation referenced in Exhibit C of your executed contract.  These documents include: Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Notarized Conflict of Interest Policy, and IRS Letter of Determination of Tax-Exempt Status.  Your organization is not required to submit these documents with each new grant contract; however, it is your organization’s responsibility to notify NCLWF of any updates, amendments and/or changes as they occur, as well as provide an annual update.  NCLWF is required to have up-to-date copies of these documents on file prior to disbursement of grant funds.  These documents must be submitted using FormSite.  Click HERE for guidance on using FormSite to submit required documentation and complete the annual update form.