Acquisition Program

Key Grant Contract Obligations

Here are key obligations of your contract. It is important to read your grant contract. All requirements, as well as your contract budget, are detailed in this document.

If you have questions, reach out to your NCLWF Grant Administrator.

Pre-Funding/Pre-Disbursement Documents – you will receive an email from NCLWF every January requesting an update to documents that are kept on file at NCLWF.  These include Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Proof of Tax-Exempt Status, and State Grant Certification. To submit, see the Forms and Submissions link.

Quarterly Progress Reports – reports must be submitted every three months but can be submitted earlier if you want to stay on a calendar schedule.  See Forms and Submission link.

Early review of conservation agreements – if you need an early review of reserved rights, you may submit your draft agreement to NCLWF for a preliminary review. Be sure to refer to Exhibit A - Conditions in your contract. To submit, see Forms and Submissions link.

Checklist for Vendors – use the checklists provided under Acquisition Program Contract Admin Manual link to assist closing attorneys, surveyors, and title insurers as they prepare closing documents. 

Appraisals – property or conservation easements that are valued $500k or more require two appraisals. Detailed requirements are outlined in the Acquisition Program Contract Administration Manual. NCLWF will forward appraisals to State Property Office for review. To submit, see Forms and Submissions link.

Pre-Closing Review – all of your real estate documents and conservation agreements must be reviewed by NCLWF staff and legal counsel. Do not set a closing date without approval. The Acquisition Program Contract Administration Manual provides detailed instructions for submission. Once the documents are ready, see Forms and Submissions Link.

Claims for Reimbursement – refer to your budget in your contract or on EBS before submitting a claim. All match expenses should be submitted at the time of the request. For information about submitting a claim, see the EBS Help Document link, below. To submit a claim, see the EBS link.

Post-closing – after closing and all requests for payment are complete, final documents and a final report must be submitted to NCLWF in recorded form. See the Acquisition Program Contract Administration Manual for details. For State-owned properties, you can submit your documents on the Forms and Submissions link. For non-profit, local government, or privately-owned properties, you must submit digital versions of all closing documents to All original State-held conservation agreements, and the State title policy, must be sent in hard copy to NCLWF, 1651 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699. No additional paper copies are required.

Changes in Scope of Work, Project Delays, and Cancellations

Grant recipients are responsible for the successful completion of their projects and should maintain open lines of communication with NCLWF staff regarding any questions, concerns and/ or possible changes to their project. Changes must be discussed with NCLWF prior to implementation as some changes may require NCLWF Board approval. Unless approved by NCLWF, all work must be completed as outlined in the grant contract scope of work and budget. All requests for changes to any or all parts of the executed contract must be submitted using the online grants management system called Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS).  Detailed instructions for submitting a Change Request in EBS can be found in the EBS Help Document.