Apply for a Grant

Online Application Process - Grants are now accepted through an online webform program.  Individual program applications are linked in the "Grant Applications" list on the sidebar of this page. More details on the online form login/return process are below. 

Applicant Eligibility - A state agency, a local government, or a nonprofit corporation whose primary purpose is the conservation, preservation, and restoration of North Carolina's natural and cultural resources is eligible to apply for a grant.

Project Eligibility - To learn more about the type of projects each program funds, see program descriptions here.

Annual Competitive Grant Cycle - The North Carolina Land and Water Fund has one grant cycle per year.  The application form will be available in early December.  The application deadline will be midnight on February 15, and final award decisions are made in the fall.

Project development

  • Contact your NCLWF Field Representative to explore concept eligibility and potential grant opportunities.
  • Use the funding manual link at the right for application development and guidance. The funding manual includes an example of the webform, application rating system, and program FAQs.

Online Webform Application

  • Applications are submitted via an online web-form linked in the sidebar on this page. 
  • The 'save-and-return' web-form requires a user name and password which will apply to all forms in a given grant program.  
  • We recommend using your email as your username (your may reuse the same username/password for applications in other NCLWF programs, but you will need to create the 'new' login credentials for each program area)
  • Once the username and password is created, you can save and return to your application(s) in progress. 
  • The grant submission confirmation page contains information on scheduling a virtual project review meeting with your regional Field Representative that will occur in the weeks following the grant deadline. 
  • Applications must be submitted by midnight on the deadline.
  • Advance registration is no longer required.

Application Review, Scoring, and Grant Awards

  • Field Representatives will review your application, visit your project site, and support the Program Managers in creating scopes of work, conservation strategies, and contract details.
  • All applications will be scored using the NCLWF Application Rating System outlined in the funding manual. The score is only one tool the NCLWF Board of Trustees uses to inform the process and arrive at a final funded project list. The final results may not follow the score order. 
  • Status of match security and landowner commitments may be updated in June. 
  • Score and scope summaries are made available to applicants in the month prior to the funding decision meeting. 
  • Funding awards are made by the NCLWF Board of Trustees who meet annually in the fall to consider grant applications.

Application Materials