North Pacolet River Restoration

Adding to almost 2 miles of previous stream restoration along the Pacolet in previous years, the Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District partnered with private landowners and the Clean Water Management Trust Fund to complete over 4,000 feet of stream restoration along Reach 4 of the North Pacolet River. The stream reach was severely degraded prior to the restoration work, with vertical banks of 6-10 feet and a high level of erosion and instability. 

Polk SWCD, in conjunction with the Pacolet Area Conservancy, the Polk County Community Foundation, the Polk County Commissioners, and local property owners were committed to addressing sediment and associated water quality problems in the North Pacolet River through a long-term watershed management plan. By addressing problems from a watershed perspective, discrete water quality improvement projects have been and continue to be designed and prioritized to maximize cumulative