Waccamaw River

NCCLT closed on the property in May, 2016 and in July 2017, transferred 190 acres to the NC Division of Parks and Recreation to allow another public access point to the Waccamaw River.  The remaining 1,100 acres will remain in ownership by NCCLT as a preserve.  NCCLT has worked with local hunting clubs who will be allowed to continue to hunt on the property.  The Waccamaw River is a National Blue (Paddling) Trail extending over 140 miles from Lake Waccamaw to Winyah Bay, near Georgetown South Carolina; this project will buffer almost 4 miles of the river along that trail.

Since 2000, CWMTF has awarded 10 projects, totaling over $9 million for projects in the Town of Lake Waccamaw and the Waccamaw lake and river system. This funding has matched over $11 million from local, state, federal, and private funds.  The projects include:

  • 1 stormwater project in 2000 to address stormwater issues in Town of Lake Waccamaw
  • 1 wastewater project in 2004 to rehabilitate the wastewater collection system in Town of Lake Waccamaw
  • 1 restoration project in 2015 to treat Hydrilla, an invasive plant that dominates lake vegetation, excluding native vegetation and limiting recreation
  • 7 acquisition projects from 2000-2016 to purchase land along Waccamaw River and Juniper Creek, a major downstream tributary.  The awards have been granted to NCCLT, The Nature Conservancy, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, and NC Division of Parks and Recreation.

Two additional projects were awarded in the 2017 cycle: another treatment of Hydrilla, and an additional acquisition of 337 acres further downstream.