Salmon Creek – Site X

This site could hold clues to North Carolina’s oldest mystery, the lost colony of Roanoke. Initial surveys have indicated that the 995-acre project contains 18 different sites with archaeological significance.

In 2017, CWMTF awarded a grant of $1,209,075 to the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust to assist with the purchase of 995 acres at the confluence of Salmon Creek and the Chowan River. The $5.4 million project in Bertie County was the highest ranking among CWMTF’s 2017 applications, having a variety of conservation values.

The Salmon Creek tract is steeped in North Carolina history, and could provide clues about much of our state’s past. Preliminary surveys indicate the presence of 18 different archaeological sites throughout the property. Current findings include the site of colonial governor Thomas Pollock’s plantation, Algonquin Indian artifacts, and 16th century English stoneware. It is the presence of this stoneware that has earned a portion of the project the name “Site X”. The First Colony Foundation believes that this could have been the spot where a group of survivors from The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island relocated.

Prior to purchase by NCCLT, the site was slated for a 2,789-unit development that would blend residential and commercial uses. Once the remaining funds are secured, the Land Trust will transfer the entire property the State of North Carolina for creation of the publicly accessible Salmon Creek State Natural Area. As part of this process, the entire property will be placed in State Nature and Historic Preserve. In addition, the property lies under critical flight paths and training routes for Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Through the U.S. Military’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration program, SJAFB contributed funds that will result in an additional restrictive use easement over the property.

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