Apply for a Grant

What We Do - The North Carolina Land and Water Fund improves water quality, sustains ecological diversity, and protects historic sites and military installations by funding projects to acquire lands, restore the habitat for fish, wildlife, and other species, and enhance the filtering of stormwater runoff to reduce pollutants from entering water supplies.

Applicant Eligibility - A state agency, a local government, or a nonprofit corporation whose primary purpose is the conservation, preservation, and restoration of North Carolina's natural and cultural resources is eligible to apply for a grant.

Annual Competitive Grant Cycle - The North Carolina Land and Water Fund has one grant cycle per year.  The application form is available in early December through the Online Grants Management System.  The application deadline for 2020 will be February 3rd, and final award decisions are made in the fall.

Online Grants Management System Access - Grant applications can only be submitted through the online GMS, therefore your organization must be a registered State vendor and your organization must designate an authorized user to access the system.  This needs to be taken care of prior to the opening date of the grant cycle in order to apply for a grant.  Click here for more details about the steps in the application process.