2023 Grant Cycle Ratings

Application scores for each program are listed below. Each program is listed in descending order by total score, with tie-breaking rules applied.  You can use the menu options on each sheet to sort, filter, group, and re-order.  For each sheet, you may also download the data as Excel/CSV using the three dot menu drop-down (top row, right side), or view in full screen format using the 'View larger version' button (bottom right corner). 

NOTE: Projects have been rated according to the given program's rating system and may also be sorted by 'Score Order w/Tie-Breaker.' The score is only one tool the NCLWF Board of Trustees uses to inform the process and arrive at a final funded project list. The final results may not follow the score order. You may consult program Funding Manuals, with rating system guides included, at nclwf.nc.gov/apply






Innovative Stormwater