Apply for a Planning Grant

Grant Application Process

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Project development

  • Contact your NCLWF Field Representative to explore concept eligibility and potential grant opportunities.
  • Develop your application narrative and budget in light of NCLWF Evaluation Criteria.

Online Grants Management System Access

Submitting a Complete Application Packet

  • Once the application period opens, use the online GMS to complete the grant application process.
  • After the application period closes, a field representative will contact you to schedule a meeting to review your application and discuss follow-up questions.

Application Scoring and Grant Awards

  • All applications will be scored in accordance with NCLWF Evaluation Criteria.
  • Funding awards are made by the NCLWF Board of Trustees who meet annually in the fall to consider grant applications.

Project Eligibility

NCLWF may fund planning efforts that develop potential projects that: (1) enhance or restore degraded waters, (2) protect unpolluted waters, (3) contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational, and recreational benefits, (4) provide buffers around military bases to protect the military mission, (5) acquire land that represents the ecological diversity of North Carolina, (6) acquire land that contributes to the development of a balanced State program of historic properties, or (7) facilitate innovative efforts to improve stormwater treatment.  Any proposed planning application should contain a clear outline and vision of the plan to be produced and clearly define the purpose and goals for any work that would be implemented following the planning project. To ensure that your project is eligible for NCLWF funding, consult with your field representative.